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Adapt, Create, Optimize: Advancing Our Communities

Amidst changing partnerships and the state's evolving health care delivery system, one thing remains certain: community health centers continue to measure success one patient at a time. This success is grounded in a strong and diverse workforce that is focused on providing high quality care and capable of generating the kind of innovation long associated with health centers.

So how do we foster and sustain our workforce, and by extension advance the health and well-being of our patients? This year's Community Health Institute will explore ways in which we can strengthen practitioner resilience, increase collaboration within Accountable Care Organizations, and develop a stronger culture of communication and feedback that builds greater rapport among health center teams.

Recruitment and retention of clinical staff continue to challenge health centers. We will hear about what it takes to build high-functioning teams that not only to respond to patient need, but also address provider satisfaction. A mentoring program for novice advanced practitioners pursuing careers in community health also will be presented.

Health centers will share their experiences launching a business process redesign initiative across multiple sites, building workplace safety and security programs, and tackling productivity by shifting more decision-making to frontline leaders. Important information on federal confidentiality regulations that protect the privacy of substance use disorder patient records (42 CFR Part 2), HRSA's newly updated Loan Guarantee Program, and the roll-out of the MassHealth Flexible Services Program also will be provided.

Attendees will learn about new approaches in caring for medically complex children and adults, as well as gain a better understanding of how to incorporate recovery coaches into opioid use disorder programs. Finally, we will take a look at immigration policies impacting our patients and workforce, and hear from state and federal leaders on issues affecting health centers and their communities.

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