Governor meets with community health centers; Praises use, impact of stimulus funds

6-18-10 Feature Story:

Boston, MA - Governor Deval Patrick recently met with Massachusetts' community health centers to talk about the important role they are playing in expanding health access and controlling health costs, and as critical economic engines in the vulnerable communities they serve.

The Governor praised the success of recent investments in the state's federally-funded community health centers (36 of 52 in the state) that came to Massachusetts through the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The funds were used to hire new physicians and other health care personnel and to enhance health information technology use at health centers. Funds were also designated for long-needed health center construction and renovation projects, many of which will break ground this summer.

Based on recent data, Massachusetts' community health centers receiving stimulus funds have helped to expand health access for 30,000 new patients and to create 231 jobs in low-income communities. Many more jobs -- construction-based and permanent -- are expected to follow as major health center facility and technology projects get underway over the next few months.

Underscoring their efficiency and quality, the Governor also thanked health centers for their leadership in the march toward the application of electronic health records in improving the quality and safety of patient care. Forty-four of Massachusetts' 52 health centers have either purchased, implemented or are in the process of implementing electronic health records -- far outpacing the technology adoption rates of private providers in Massachusetts and across the country.

Click on the following links to learn more about some of the exciting stimulus projects happening at Massachusetts' community health centers:


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