Pre-CHI Session - Advancing the Financial Strength of Health Centers

Location: Seacrest Hotel, Falmouth
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Since health reform was implemented in Massachusetts beginning in 2006, health centers have forged ahead to expand services for a growing patient base-now serving 1 in 7 Massachusetts residents. At the same time, many health centers have struggled financially and lag their national peers on a range of operational and financial measures. Facing an uncertain funding environment and rapid transformation within the health care marketplace, health centers must increasingly measure, monitor, and act upon organizational data and better understand the intersections between financial, operational, and clinical performance.

This daylong session will describe the hallmarks of success of some of the highest performing health centers in the country and provide a comparative overview of the results of Performance Evaluation Profiles for Massachusetts health centers recently completed by Capital Link. It will also explore the key elements that drive health center performance, linking specific steps in the process of care to cost and satisfaction outcomes. Understanding the relationship between the discrete steps in the process of care to outcomes provides managers with the insight needed to implement performance improvements.

Building on content provided in the morning sessions, the afternoon will offer breakout sessions to engage participants in connecting Performance Evaluation Results with strategic improvement goals and developing concrete strategies for impacting cost of care through process improvement.

This session will also provide an overview of a yearlong intensive training program developed by Capital Link for health centers designed to improve operational and financial performance. The League is considering offering this training opportunity to members and will seek participant feedback and potential interest in participation at the close of the pre-conference session.