Newsroom - December 2017

Blacks well-served by Boston hospitals

Baystate Banner, December 28, 2017
America suffers from the chronic malady of racial prejudice. Consequently, whenever African Americans are involved in unpleasantness or an incident of inequality, there is an assumption that racial discrimination is involved. The Boston Globe series on racism in Boston asserts that racial discrimination denies blacks adequate medical attention in Boston. However, the evidence in the article fails to establish that point of view persuasively. Read more »

Mass. health care not a bubble

Worcester Telegram, December 28, 2017
As the Jan. 23 open enrollment deadline for the Health Connector approaches, it’s a good time to refresh on health care, reflect on some of the changes this year and begin thinking about what comes next. Read more »

At Community Health Programs, serving families and children in need

The Berkshire Edge, December 23, 2017
Great Barrington — "We come here most every day," says Taylor Caro, taking a moment to snuggle her daughter, Rei, who just turned 18 months old. It is a chilly winter morning and the pair have come to the bright playspace at Community Health Programs where Toddler Steps is in full swing. Caro moved to Stockbridge from Fairfield, Connecticut, where she cites everything as being “very expensive.” And coming from an area where it was second nature to pay for children’s classes and experiences, Caro was elated to find a community of resources at CHP. “[There is] nothing else like it,” Caro gushes. “I love being in South County,” she adds. It is this inclusion and support of all, regardless of income bracket, that fuels CHP Family Services and is slowly strengthening families throughout the Berkshires. Read more »

Report: Hurdles remain to full health care in Massachusetts

Boston Globe, December 23, 2017
BOSTON (AP) - On Beacon Hill and in Washington, there are few issues thornier than health care: how many people are insured, how many aren't, how many have some insurance but not enough, and what’s the best way to plug all those holes. Read more »

Despite tax bill passing, individual mandate remains in Mass.

Boston Globe, December 20, 2017
Massachusetts is largely shielded from a key provision of the sweeping tax bill approved by Congress on Wednesday, a measure that guts the requirement that Americans obtain health insurance or pay a penalty. Read more »

Elizabeth Warren: Congress needs to fund community health centers right away

Stat News, December 18, 2017
I love community health centers. They do wonderful work and enjoy widespread support. But I'm worried because Republican leaders in Congress have held these centers hostage by halting federal funding while they focus on passing tax cuts for the wealthy. It’s past time to step up the fight for community health centers in my state of Massachusetts and across the country. Read more »

Marijuana and vaping are more popular than cigarettes among teenagers (features North Shore Community Health)

New York Times, December 14, 2017
Cigarette smoking has dropped so sharply among American teenagers that vaping and marijuana use are now more common, according to a national survey of adolescent drug use released Thursday. Read more »

Community Health Center (of Cape Cod) recognized by federal government

Cape Cod Times, December 12, 2017
Community Health Center of Cape Cod has been recognized by the Bureau of Primary Health Care as a Health Center Quality Leader, according to a statement from the Mashpee-based health organization. Read more »

EBNHC launches neighborhood trauma team

East Boston Times-Free Press, December 11, 2017
When six-year-old Brayden Kelly of Dorchester drowned in a pool on Trenton Street, the trauma of the event affected not only the boy’s family, but Braden’s extend family, friends, first responders and neighbors who had witnessed the incident and its aftermath. Read more »

Boston Medical Center has a new prescription for its most vulnerable patients: housing

Boston Globe, December 8, 2017
Boston Medical Center is embarking on a significant new initiative to tackle one of its patients’ most daunting problems: a lack of stable housing. Read more »

Aging homeless population poses new challenges for shelters

US News & World Report, December 1, 2017
HYANNIS, Mass. (AP) — It's been a year since the Fall River Catholic Diocese took over the homeless shelter in Hyannis, but shelter coordinator Karen Ready can't get over the number of older people who are ending up on the mattresses at St. Joseph's House. Read more »