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Newsroom - February

Trump signs budget deal to raise spending and reopen government

New York Times, February 5, 2018
WASHINGTON — President Trump on Friday morning signed into law a far-reaching budget deal that will boost spending by hundreds of billions of dollars and allow the federal government to reopen after a brief shutdown. Read more »

Opinion: Community health center 'funding cliff' hurts our most vulnerable citizens

WHAV, February 5, 2018
A virulent flu season is underway and the number of opioid overdoses continues to climb, yet public health is more vulnerable than ever because community health centers are running out of time and money. Why? Critical federal funding for our programs expired on Oct. 1, 2017. Since then, all community health centers have been operating under a “funding cliff.” This phrase alone would lead one to think that this issue is solely about money. It is much more. It is about people and how decisions made — or left unmade — can have a ripple effect. Read more »

Urge Congress to fund community health centers

Cape Cod Times, February 5, 2018
Cape Cod and the Islands’ community health centers are hundreds of miles from the U.S. Capitol, but what happens (or doesn’t happen) under the dome directly affects us all here at your local community health centers. Read more »

Public health is being held hostage by political wrangles in Washington

Dorchester Reporter, February 3, 2018
To the Editor: Public health is more vulnerable than ever today because community health centers like those serving Dorchester, Mattapan, Roxbury, and the South End are running out of time and money in the midst of a virulent flu season and an ever-climbing number of opioid overdoses. Read more »

Lowell Community Health Center still awaiting reauthorization of federal funds

Lowell Sun, February 2, 2018
LOWELL -- Health center leaders have been singing the same tune for months: "We're hopeful." But with each passing month, and no funding approval from the federal government, local leaders are getting quite antsy. Read more »