Workforce Development

Critical Management Skills Training

The Critical Management Skills workshop is a two day event for health center managers and supervisors. Tailored for both first time and seasoned managers, participants will gain crucial skills they can put into immediate action. The workshop is facilitated by Lisa Mouscher, CEO and Lead Consultant at Sogence Training and Consulting, who works with leaders and staff from community health centers across the country, building skills to enable organizations to become both providers and employers of choice.

  • Learn to:
    • Develop engaged, productive, and customer-focused teams
    • Coach employees and drive accountability
    • Build strong, professional relationships with managers, supervisors, leaders, peers, former peers, and direct reports
    • Utilize behavioral interviewing to hire staff with the right skills and fit for the long-term
    • Stay legally compliant while handling day-to-day challenges
    • Communicate for results, strengthen trust, and de-escalate conflict
    • The Critical Nature of Organizational Culture

Spring Training

The Spring Training is postponed.

This training will be geared towards newer managers and supervisors with 18 months or less in a supervisory or management role. The Spring Agenda is available here.

Fall Training

This training will be geared toward more experienced managers with more than 18 months in a supervisory or management role. The Fall Agenda is available here.

For more information on the Critical Management Skills workshop, or to participate, contact Janice Brathwaite, Director, Workforce Programs.

Updated January 2020


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