Member Portal

Make the most out of your Mass League experience by becoming a Member Portal User. Member Portal ensures that you are able to register for any upcoming Mass League events and helps you stay connected with the Mass League rosters and committees you are a part of. To access Member Portal visit

Sign in

In order to sign in, users should type in their username and password on the log in page then click sign in.

Users without sign in information should use the "Create New User" section of the page, to put in their requested information, then click "Create New Account and Sign In".

Calendar of Events

Users have the ability to see a list of upcoming Mass League events that they can register for within Member Portal.

Users also have the ability to view all of their meeting and event registrations within Member Portal and any registrations they have done for someone else.

Committees and Rosters

Within Member Portal, users have the ability to access information on the rosters and the committees they are a part of.

The purpose of a roster is to group individuals together within the system. Within your roster you can register for any roster related meetings and events and access documents related to those meetings and events.

The purpose of a committee is to group individuals together within the system and track the historical record of participation of those individuals. Within your committee you can register for any committee related meetings and access meeting documents.