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New Podcast Series

Reimagining Primary Care: Innovation After Disruption aims to encourage community health center providers and leaders to think differently, feel empowered, and join the celebration of innovation and commitment to community health in the wake of COVID-19.

This podcast series has been funded by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.

Episode 1

Engaging Black Communities in SUD Treatment

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  • In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Lawrence Bryant and Cory Ware from the African American Behavioral Health Center of Excellence where we discuss Engaging Black Communities in Substance Use Disorder Treatment to reverse the trend of overdose deaths. Throughout this discussion, we talk about the history of SUD overdose, contributions, and key action steps. Read more >>

Episode 2

Actualizing DEI

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  • In the months since George Floyd's murder, there has been a lot of focus among health centers in Massachusetts and nationwide about developing new commitments to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in their workforces. In this episode, we are joined by Tania Barber, the President and CEO of Caring Health Center, and Nora Carreras, a Senior Consultant at Health Management Associates, to discuss the practice of actualizing DEI within a community health center. Read more >>

Episode 3

Managing Grief, Trauma, and Burnout in Employees

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  • In this episode, we talk about managing grief, trauma, and burnout in ourselves and in our employees. Dr. Jeff Ring, a Psychologist and consultant, will lead us through identifying self-compassion and provide tools for experiential practice. Read more >>

Episode 4

Is This the Moment When BH Integration is Transformative?

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  • News articles and research studies have documented a growing need for behavioral health services in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This episode is joined by Tinamarie Fioroni, the Behavioral Health Director at Codman Square Health Center, to discuss the elevation in the importance of primary care and behavioral health integration. Read more >>

Episode 5

Technology and Protective Factors for Youth Mental Health

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  • In this episode we hear from Shannon Breitzman and Megan Beers, two consultants from Health Management Associates, on the trending pressures that kids are facing from their communities and the protective factors that have been identified. Our discussion touches on what we are seeing in terms of youth mental health, the role technology plays in reaching teens, and the concepts of population health, cultures, and community engagement. Read more >>