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Workforce Development

Core Competencies Training

Previously known as the Critical Management Skills workshop, the Core Competences Training is a virtual, highly interactive and engaging management skills training. Health center managers and supervisors at all levels develop and strengthen critical skills necessary to successfully navigate their roles in today's increasingly challenging Community Health Center environment. The workshop is facilitated by Lisa Mouscher, CEO and Lead Consultant at Sogence Training and Consulting, who works with leaders and staff from community health centers across the country, building skills to enable organizations to become both providers and employers of choice.

  • Learn to:
    • Understand and impact positive organizational and department culture
    • Develop and retain engaged, responsive and productive teams
    • Utilize Behavioral Interviewing to hire staff with the right skills and fit for the long-term
    • Coach and develop employees
    • Communicate effectively as a manager
    • Avoid common legal pitfalls when managing employees
    • Drive accountability and deliver results

Beyond Core Competencies Training

This dynamic, hands-on and highly interactive 6-week program moves beyond the core competencies of managing and supervising, into additional important areas of knowledge, practices and skills necessary to be a great manager at your health center.

Beginning with a review of the crucial skills needed to hire, coach, retain and manage others, we quickly move to higher-level learning to take your management skills to the next level. If you‘ve attended the “Critical Skills for CHC Managers or Supervisors” training, or you’re simply looking to strengthen or hone additional and higher level management skills, this course is for you!.

  • Learn to:
    • Strengthen employee engagement to increase staff productivity, satisfaction and retention
    • Effectively manage a diverse workforce
    • Successfully lead and manage change (even during challenging times)
    • Strengthen day-to-day decision-making practices
    • Utilize Behavioral Interviewing to hire employees with the right skills and organizational fit for the long-term
    • Implement conflict management and de-escalation strategies for successful outcomes

This training is recommended for managers and supervisors with a minimum of 18 months of supervisory experience, or as a follow-up to the “Core Competencies for CHC Managers and Supervisors” or “Critical Skills for CHC Managers and Supervisors” trainings, although these are not pre-requisites for the class.

This training will be a virtual, 6-week training, from March 24, 2022 to April 28, 2022.

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Registration: Registration is now open. To register, click here . For more information, please contact Janice Brathwaite, Director, Workforce Programs.

Updated: February 2022