Outreach & Enrollment

Below are Outreach & Enrollment resources for health centers to use. For more information, please contact Liz Sanchez.

Health Center O&E Resources

Posters / Outreach Materials

Please download these free outreach flyers, available in 9 languages, which encourage patients and community members to sign up for health coverage throughout the year. They come in two versions: one for use in your health center and the other for distribution to your community-based partners.

Flyers for Use in your Health Center:
These flyers are for use in your health center and remind patients to ask health center staff for help in re-applying for health coverage.

Flyers for Distribution to your Community-Based Partners:
These flyers can be used by your community-based partners to encourage community residents to visit their local health center for help in re-applying for health coverage. To customize, type your health center's contact information in the blue box.

Health Connector & MassHealth Resources

Apply for health insurance:

General O&E Resources

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