Community Partner (CP) Recruitment Incentive Program

This program aims to assist MassHealth Behavioral Health (BH) and Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) CPs in their efforts to recruit and retain Care Coordinators and Registered Nurses (RNs)/Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) in the first year of the MassHealth Community Partners program. To that end, the CP Recruitment Incentive Program will make an allocation of student loan repayment slots available to each CP; CPs can in turn offer these student loan repayment slots as incentives to prospective new hires and/or employees from the CP's Consortium Entities or Affiliated Partners who will serve on CP care teams, with the goal of diminishing known obstacles to the CP recruitment process.

The CP Recruitment Incentive Program will repay student loan obligations of up to $7,500 for Care Coordinators over a period of one year in exchange for an eighteen-month commitment to remain at the sponsoring CP, and up to $30,000 for RNs and LPNs over a period of two years in exchange for their four-year commitment to practice at a CP. Care Coordinators and RNs/LPNs must be employed by a Community Partner's Consortium Entity or Affiliated Partner and must intend to serve on CP care teams to be eligible for student loan repayment and to fulfill their CP service commitment.

Applications for CP recruitment slots and associated guidance will be provided to MassHealth-contracted CPs directly.