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Report: Opioid Epidemic Cost Massachusetts $15.2 Billion In 2017

WBUR, November 15, 2018
The opioid epidemic cost Massachusetts $15.2 billion in 2017. Read more »

How To Heal After Defeat Of Nurse Staffing Ballot Question: Focus On Teams

WBUR, November 13, 2018
I am the youngest child in a large family. I still get anxious when there are disagreements among people I care about. And the recent lively debates about Question 1, the ballot measure on nurse-to-patient ratios that failed, caused a lot of stressful dialogue among people whose job it is to calm others’ distress. Read more »

Homelessness no longer just a big-city issue

STAT, November 12, 2018
MADELYNN MALLOY and Bob Morin, a homeless couple frustrated by the lack of affordable housing in rural Franklin County, rolled out their blankets this summer on Greenfield Town Common and slept under the stars. Word spread quickly and soon other homeless people around the area joined them. By mid-summer, brightly colored nylon tents all but covered the small grassy strip of land, transforming it into a settlement for 20 homeless people. Read more »

New Program Targets Substance Abuse Among Native Americans In Massachusetts

WBUR, November 11, 2018
A new state program seeks to lower rates of substance abuse among young Native Americans in Massachusetts. Read more »

Medicaid Won The Midterms. Here’s Why That Could Save Lives

WBUR, November 8, 2018
While pundits assess the fallout of this week’s midterm elections, voters in both red and blue states delivered a decisive victory in favor of Medicaid expansion. Read more »

Gun Violence As A Public Health Issue

WBUR, November 9, 2018
In light of the seemingly endless news of mass shootings in public places in the U.S., some say what's missing in the conversation is talking about gun violence as a public health issue. Read more »

Mass. Voters Say 'No' To Nurse Staffing Ballot Question

WBUR, November 6, 2018
Massachusetts voters have decided the state will not write nurse-to-patient ratios into law. A ballot question that would have set the maximum number of patients assigned to a nurse in hospitals at any given time failed on Tuesday. Read more »

Mass. Votes 'Yes' On Question 3 To Keep Law Protecting Transgender People In Public Accommodations

WBUR, November 6, 2018
Massachusetts voters have passed Question 3, an expected decision that upholds a two-year-old state law that protects transgender people in public accommodations. Read more »

Mass. Election Results: Statewide Offices, Congress And Ballot Questions

WBUR, November 6, 2018
Refresh for the latest. See below for results from the Massachusetts governor's race, the three ballot questions, the U.S. Senate race, contested U.S. House races and other statewide offices. For a town-by-town map of five statewide races, go here. And for all other Massachusetts returns, go here. For other key New England results, go here. Read more »