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Life and loss on methadone mile

Boston Globe, July 18, 2016
Last night's needles line the sidewalks at dawn along the blighted blocks where Massachusetts Avenue and Southampton Street meet. People emerge from shelters and halfway houses and trudge toward the methadone clinics that lend this place its ugly nickname. Read more »

Rising to the challenge: The Commonwealth Fund scorecard on local health system performance, 2016 edition

The Commonwealth Fund, July 14, 2016
This 2016 edition of The Commonwealth Fund's Scorecard on Local Health System Performance assesses the state of health care in more than 300 U.S. communities from 2011 through 2014, a period when the Affordable Care Act was being implemented across the country. In comparing health care access, quality, avoidable hospital use, costs of care, and health outcomes, the Scorecard shows that many U.S. communities experienced improvements: fewer uninsured residents, better quality of care in doctors' offices and hospitals, more efficient use of hospitals, and fewer deaths from treatable cancers, among other gains. Read more »

GE Foundation and MGH, in partnership with the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to host hack-a-thon to combat opioid epidemic

MLCHC, July 13, 2016
GE Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), in conjunction with the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, announced a joint effort to combat Massachusetts's opioid addiction epidemic with a hack-a-thon scheduled for September 9-11, 2016 at District Hall in Boston. GE Foundation’s sponsorship of this event is part of its five-year, $50 million philanthropic commitment to the Boston community, $15 million of which will be dedicated to health efforts such as the hack-a-thon, increasing access to health for the underserved, particularly those patients requiring care for addictions and behavioral health, and increasing training for specialty care. Read more »

Hillary Clinton offers health care proposal sought by Bernie Sanders

USA Today, July 10, 2016
WASHINGTON - Hillary Clinton on Saturday announced her plan to expand investments in community health care centers, the second of two proposals in a week apparently aimed at courting supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders ahead of his possible endorsement. Read more »

Secretary Hillary Clinton announces support of nation's health centers to expand acess to millions of Americans

NACHC, July 9, 2016
Secretary Hillary Clinton announced a plan today to significantly expand the reach of Community Health Centers (also called Federally Qualified Health Centers) to bring affordable health care to millions more Americans across the country. Read more »

Clinton offers community health funding plan

Boston Globe, July 9, 2016
ORLANDO - In another nod to primary rival Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton is proposing to increase federal money for community health centers and outlining steps to expand access to health care across the nation. Read more »

Value based reimbursement: The rock thrown into the health care pond

HealthAffairs Blog, July 8, 2016
Value-based reimbursement (VBR), it seems to be everywhere. Launched by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), a multitude of new payment models and organizations are rapidly reshaping the health care system in ways that are known and, as the ripples of change radiate out from the ACA, in ways that are yet to be understood. Read more »

House overwhelmingly passes opioid bill

The Hill, July 8, 2016
The House on Friday almost unanimously approved legislation to combat opioid overdoses after Democrats dropped their opposition to the bill at the last minute. Read more »

Medicine's next step

Boston Globe Op-Ed by President Barack Obama (references community health centers), July 7, 2016
Health care is always personal. As science and technology have advanced, it’s become possible to make it personalized as well, giving us the tools to better understand, prevent, and treat everyone’s individual health needs. Read more »

Mass. doctors are prescribing fewer opioids

Boston Globe, July 7, 2016
Many doctors in Massachusetts sharply curtailed prescriptions for opioids over the past 18 months, according to new data that suggest the pipeline for drugs that fueled the state’s deadly opioid-abuse crisis may be shrinking. Read more »

A cultural shift for doctors: Asking patients 'why?'

WBUR CommonHealth Blog, July 7, 2016
Fourteen young men and women shift their chairs toward a screen on a conference room wall at Boston Medical Center (BMC). As the video begins, a resident in green scrubs walks into an exam room and greets a man slumped on the edge of a hospital bed. Read more »

The Remembrance Project: Stacy Kirkpatrick

WBUR CommonHealth Blog, July 6, 2016
The patients Stacy Kirkpatrick treated at Boston’s Health Care for the Homeless Program didn't always hold onto appointment cards, or medications, or sobriety. But Stacy held onto them, with a light touch and an unwavering grip. Read more »