Customer Service Training:

With funding support from Neighborhood Health Plan, the League conducts customer service training for health center staff. There is currently no charge for health centers to participate. The training is focusing on four (4) different areas of customer service:

  • New Employees Orientation to Customer-Focused, Customer Service Training:
    • A four (4) hour training focused on training employees who have been at the health center for one (1) year of less on ensuring they have the skills to provided outstanding customer service to both internal and external customers at health center organizations
    • 2017 training dates: May 15, 2017, August 14, 2017, and November 20, 2017
  • Ultimate Customer Service Training:
    • A 4 1/2 hour training for senior leaders within your organization.
    • Covers the following topics:
      • Value-based hiring - do the employees you hire represent the values of your organization
      • Empowering to provide excellent customer service
      • How to effectively measure customer service results
      • What motivates us to do what we do?
      • Why Values drive Mission and Mission drives Vision
    • 2017 training dates: TBA
  • Managing the Customer Service Function in Your Organization Training:
    • A 4 1/2 hour training for managers and supervisors who manage customer-facing (both in person and on the phone) staff
    • Covers the following topics:
      • How to effectively handle customer complaints
      • How to work successfully with difficult customers
      • Value-based hiring - do the employees you hire represent the values of your organization
      • Understanding touchpoints and mapping those points of patient contact
      • How to effectively measure customer service results
      • Understanding and implementing service recovery procedures
      • How to empower your employees to deliver outstanding customer service
      • Purpose - What motivates us to do what we do?
    • 2017 training dates: TBA
  • ACES Customer-Focused Customer Service Training:
    • A 2 day (with a week between day 1 and day 2) training is for all customer-facing staff whether interactions are on the phone or in person.
    • Each day is 6 to 7 hours in length.
    • Topics covered are:
      • Day 1:
        • Introduction to ACES
        • Customer Service Feature Connectivity
        • Service Behaviors, Service Strategies and Service Systems and Structures
        • Defining who your customer is
        • Introduction to L-E-A-P (Listen, Expand, Allow, Perform)
        • Identifying the root cause of customer service issues
        • Utilizing Toyota Lean to improve customer service processes
        • Defining Value and Waste from the customer's perspective
        • Mistake proofing customer service
        • Homework assignment for next class
      • Day 2:
        • Homework report out from teams
        • How to build and re-build your customer service skills
        • Becoming a service champion
        • Handling difficult customer interactions
        • Why customers complain and what you can do when they do?
        • How to be successful in resolving customer complaints
        • Handling difficult customers - Assessing your ability to communicate
        • Check your attitude - Assessing your attitude
        • Empowered customer service delivery
    • 2017 training dates: TBA

For more information on the League's Customer Service Training Program, or to apply to participate, contact Janice Brathwaite, the League's Work Force Manager.


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