The following staff list is organized by division. League email addresses contain each staffer's first name initial followed by their last name


Oversees organizational, public affairs and the membership functions of the agency
  • James W. Hunt, Jr., PhD, President & CEO
  • Kathryn Magnoli, MBA, Chief of Staff
  • Kerin O'Toole, Vice President, Public Affairs
  • Cheryl Shaughnessy, Vice President, Membership Services

Government Affairs & Public Policy

Oversees the tracking of health policy and legislative and regulatory issues affecting health centers and their patients
  • Michael Curry, Esq., Senior Vice President, Government Affairs & Public Policy, General Counsel
  • Kaitlin McColgan, Vice President, Government Affairs & Public Policy
  • Todd Foy, Manager, Government Affairs & Public Policy
  • Liz Sanchez, MPH, Director, Policy & Health Access
  • Maya Saunders, Coordinator, Government Affairs & Public Policy


Oversees the agency's overall operations (including clinical health affairs, health informatics and finance & administration) and business development
  • Ellen Hafer, MTS, MBA, Executive Vice President & COO
  • Robert Spellane, MPA, Vice President, Business Development
  • Sandra Chambers-Mahaniah, Assistant
  • Mollie Cronin, Coordinator, James W. Hunt Jr. Training & Learning Center
  • Kirby Valentin, MBA, Program Coordinator

Operations - Clinical Health Affairs

Oversees the agency's primary care, oral health and quality initiatives technical assistance, clinical leadership development, emergency preparedness, overall clinical programming
  • Susan Dargon-Hart, LICSW, Vice President, Clinical Health Affairs
  • Moussa Cisse, Manager, Substance Use Initiatives
  • Nancy Feeney, MHA, Manager, Performance Improvement
  • James Hiatt, MSW, Director, Substance Use Initiatives
  • Katie Jahreis, Manager, Oral Health Program
  • Leslie Pelton-Cairns, LCSW, Director, Public Health Initiatives
  • Shannon Wells, MSW, Director, Integrated Care
  • Tina Wright, Director, Emergency Management

Operations - Health Informatics

Oversees the health information management and technology technical assistance to health centers and other agencies, including management of the Data Reporting and Visualization System (DRVS) and the Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN)
  • Diana Erani, MBA, Vice President, Health Informatics
  • Marlene Abreu, Coordinator, Health Informatics
  • Mark Josephson, Director, Health Informatics
  • Lynette Mascioli, MPH, Senior Manager, Health Informatics
  • Barbara Proffitt, RN, NCQA PCMH CCE, Director, Quality Improvement

Operations - Finance & Administration

Oversees the administrative, human resources, facility management, and financial services functions of the agency and our affiliates
  • David Concannon, Vice President, Finance & Administration
  • Elizabeth Bench, MBA, Director, Accounting
  • Michael Dixon, Coordinator, Accounting
  • Dawn Matthews, Coordinator, Accounting
  • Russell Tyler, Director, Information Systems & Technology
  • Angelique Whitney, Office Manager

Training & Technical Assistance

Oversees a wide breadth of technical assistance focused on health center development; workforce training and education programs for health center executives, managers, clinicians, administrative staff, board members, and community residents; special populations; technical services; grants management; federal regulation and initiatives; data analysis; Connecticut River Valley Farmworker Health Program (CRVFHP); and website management
  • Debra Murphy, CAE, Senior Vice President, Professional Development & Member Advancement
  • Mary Ellen McIntyre, Vice President, Technical Assistance
  • Janice Brathwaite, MM, Director, Workforce Programs
  • Daniela Fernández, Administrative Assistant, Workforce Initiatives
  • Mehezbin Munshi, Coordinator, Workforce Data and Business Systems
  • Alexis Murray, MSW, Director, Primary Care Workforce Initiatives
  • Madison Schmitt, Manager, Behavioral Health Workforce Initiatives
  • Amy Shepherd, MPH, Manager, Connecticut River Valley Farmworker Health Program
  • Nikki Simpson, MS, Senior Manager, Primary Care Workforce Initiatives

CommonWealth Purchasing Group, LLC

A wholly-owned group purchasing subsidiary of the League
  • Richard Bryant, MBA, Program Director
  • Scott Halterman, MBA, Assistant Director
  • Philip DuBois, Sr. Member Resource Consultant
  • Cyrus Hamer, Member and Vendor Coordinator
  • Crystal Harrison, Member Resource Consultant
  • Scott Mason, Member Resource Consultant
  • Joan Menard, Implementation Consultant MEDVIA
  • George Stiles, Strategic Marketing Consultant
  • Tom Whelan, Member Resource Consultant


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