Behavioral Health Workforce Development Program

This program aims to address the shortage of behavioral health providers practicing in community-based settings by offering partial repayment of student loan obligations for providers who commit to four years of service at a community mental health center (CMHC; inclusive of community-based mental health centers, substance use programs, and psychiatric day treatment programs) or Emergency Service Program (ESP) providers participating in MassHealth payment reform, or a Community Service Agency (CSA) or a Community Partner (CP) or their Affiliated Partner or Consortium Entity as well as organizations contracted with an ACO that provide In-Home Therapy (IHT). Quarterly learning days will also be offered to enhance the commitment of participating providers to community-based careers.

Applications for Student Loan Repayment Program & Behavioral Health Workforce Development Program are due April 17th by 5pm.

Application materials below:

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  • Question and Answer period for Behavioral Health Workforce Development Program Program will be ending on Friday, April 6th. All questions must be submitted to Statewide Investments Inbox ( by 2pm on Friday, April 6th - all questions submitted after will not be answered.


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