Community Health Center Special Projects Grant

The League manages a Community Health Center Special Projects Grants for primary care providers through the generosity of Partners HealthCare, Inc. It was developed to assist centers in the retention and professional development of providers at community health centers by providing funding to support qualified and approved projects that match the clinical or career interest of selected providers and the programmatic needs of the Health Center.

The 2016 application cycle is now OPEN; the deadline is March 15, 2016.

In 2016, the funding made available by this grant will assist up to 6 community health centers in offering paid designated employment time for a primary care provider (or group of providers) to undertake the special projects, mini-fellowships or international health experiences. The grant may be used for salary, fringe benefits and tax expenses, and other direct costs of the projects as defined in the RFP. All applications will be required to have a 15% contribution from their respective health center and may request up to a combined $40,000 for the proposed project. For instance, an application with a total project budget of $40,000 may request $34,000 to be awarded by the League and $6,000 to be contributed by the CHC. CHC contributions may be in-kind, capital purchases, and other direct expenses associated with the completion of the proposed project. The grant period is one year, and projects, fellowships, and international health experiences need to be initiated and completed during the year (July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017).

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In 2015, six (6) primary care providers and their health centers were awarded grants to support paid designated employment time to undertake the special projects or mini-fellowships. The recipients were recognized at a special pre-League Gala event on June 5, 2015 at the Westin Copley Hotel. The 2015 Community Health Center Special Projects Grant recipients are:

  • Katherine Kates, FNP-BC
    Joseph M. Smith Community Health Center
    "Increase awareness of the pelvic floor in the primary care setting"
    Chronic pelvic pain (CPP) is a diagnosis that affects 1/7 women. It is a neglected problem that deserves increased attention from health care providers because of its impact on the quality of life of the affected women. Under-resourced Latina, Spanish-speaking women with low health literacy, who lack access to gynecologists or pelvic floor rehab clinics, make up the majority of JMSCHC's patients. Ms. Kates will complete 3 training modules to gain increased knowledge of the pelvic floor anatomy and myofascial release techniques to reduce CPP, to integrate this knowledge into regularly scheduled clinic sessions.
  • Rachel King, MD
    DotHouse Health
    "Improving primary care provider awareness around substance abuse and safe controlled substance prescribing"
    This project aims to decrease substance abuse in the Dorchester community and improve provider awareness around substance abuse issues through early identification and intervention for patients with unhealthy substance use, improved treatment and monitoring of patients with active addictions, and development of additional resources for physicians managing patients who are prescribed controlled substances.
  • Emily Lowenberg, NP
    Upham's Corner Health Center
    "Mini-Fellowship in Physical Therapy"
    The grant will support a 6 month mini-fellowship at New England Physical Therapy Plus for Ms. Lowenberg. hrough this mini-fellowship, she will gain a deeper understanding of the evaluation and treatment of the most common musculoskeletal conditions that affect the patients at UCHC. In addition, she will build relationships with physical therapists in the UCHC community in order to improve the communication and referral process from the UCHC clinic to theirs. A medical assistant will also learn about the equipment and set-up of the PT sessions, and strategize with Ms. Lowenberg about which aspects of the PT center can be brought back to the clinic. This project will make Ms. Lowenberg a "mini-expert" on local PT resources, allowing her to recommend specific therapists to her primary care colleagues depending on their patients' needs.
  • Nicholas Mayper, MD
    Lynn Community Health Center
    "Creating a Lifestyle Medicine Team"
    This project applies lifestyle medicine and coaching techniques to help a core group of providers at LCHC improve their communication skills and adopt healthier work habits and lifestyles. Particular attention will be paid to helping providers learn and use basic wellness coaching techniques in their work. By the end of the project, the members of this core group will demonstrate improved communication skills, improved understanding of the role of lifestyle medicine in promoting health, improvement in personal health-related behaviors, and increased satisfaction with their work and life.
  • Olivia Pop, MD
    Brockton Neighborhood Health Center
    "Hepatitis C Clinic Development"
    This project aims to develop a Hepatitis C clinic at BNHC. Dr. Pop will develop protocols, working with insurance companies to fine-tune the pre-authorization process for the medication, attending group visit and other relevant training, developing and presenting staff training for the program, developing marketing materials, and launching the program. This project will provide life-changing benefit to patients who have been suffering with Hepatitis C for years.
  • Olga Valdman, MD
    Family Health Center of Worcester
    "Refugee Health Min-Fellowship"
    The goal of this project is to provide additional training and mentorship to develop Dr. Valdman's expertise in refugee health, identify unmet needs and best practices, and establish connections with organizations and community providers who will strengthen the network of partners in the community to address refugee health. More than 2,000 refugees from countries around the world have been resettled in Worcester during the past 5 years. This growing population requires additional care and competence to meet their long-neglected health care needs.
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Please forward questions about the RFP to Jennifer Hatch.


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