Workforce Development

IMPACT Program

The League's IMPACT Program affords health center staff the opportunity to learn Toyota Lean and Six Sigma concepts and processes and put them into practical use at their health centers. The program was created by GE Healthcare and originally funded by a grant from Partners Healthcare has two components - the Senior Leaders and Middle Managers program and the Performance Practitioners Development (PIPD) program. The PIPD program trains teams of health care employees to utilize Lean and Six Sigma methodology to improve processes in the health center by identifying an area of improvement.

In order to accommodate the needs of the health centers, the League has revised the PIPD training for a 7-week schedule. In addition, the course content has been re-structure to provide the PIPD participants with all the tools they need to complete a robust performance improvement project at their health centers.

For more information on the League's IMPACT program, contact Janice Brathwaite, the League's Work Force Manager.


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